Film Title: 15 August

Edris Azizi

Synopsis of the film (in English)

From: Afghanistan
Year: 2022
Duration: 15 minutes

Haseebullah and Bilal Yousefi are two brothers who were once journalists.
Haseebullah is 32 years old and has nearly 10 years of experience in visual media. He has worked for Khurshid and Shamshad TVs, two major channels in Afghanistan.
Bilal is also 26 years old, he has worked as a reporter for Afghanistan Times and Kabul Times newspapers for nearly 7 years, and he has also been a graphic designer.
Two young people were growing and progressing in their professional lives. When the Taliban entered Kabul, they were at work. But two months later, the newsrooms were closed and Haseebullah and Bilal Yousefi lost their jobs and are now selling fresh fruit on the streets of Kabul.
Although this action of Haseeb and his brother is a kind of civil protest; But this shows the fate and future of a large number of Afghan people who became unemployed and suffered economic poverty after the fall of the previous government.
The report of the World Food Organization shows that 95% of the people of Afghanistan live below the poverty line. Considering this, the devaluation of the Afghan currency against foreign currencies and the risk of the collapse of the Afghan economic system, what will be the fate of the people? It is a question that time will answer.
Unemployment and suspension of activities of a large part of the country's media, like other jobs, have caused many problems.
The issue of press freedom was important in Afghanistan before the overthrow. But now more than ever it matters; However, the Taliban government is being formed.
In the current situation, the situation in Afghanistan is critical, unemployment has reached its peak and educated cadres like Hasib and his brother have turned to hard work.














Synopsis of the film (in English)

From: Afghanistan | Australia
Year: 2021
Duration: 83 minutes

Hewad, a nine-year-old boy, supports his family by selling goods from a cart on the harsh streets of Kabul after the death of his father. At home he is also facing the challenge of the forced marriage of his mother to his uncle. He dreams of escaping his war-torn poverty existence by becoming a rich and famous actor, taking care of his mum himself and buying his family a fancy new house. An Australian photojournalist befriends Hewad and starts documenting his life in order to depict an empathetic image of the children of this war-torn society. Inspired by this, Hewad sets out to enlist his friends to help create an imaginary Hollywood style action film. While he and his friends are playing war games on the streets as an audition for the film, tragedy strikes and Hewad and his best friend are shot and killed by an Australian troops’ airstrike, who mistake the group for Taliban insurgents.

Director Biography

Granaz Moussavi is an Australian-Iranian Writer/Director. Her 2002 Honors film A Short Film About Colour won the Flinders University Best Director Award. In 2006 she was awarded the Holding Redlich prize at the SPA Conference, allowing her to travel to Cannes Film Festival, pitching her project to the market there. Her award-winning debut feature film My Tehran for Sale (2009) was the first film collaboration between Iran and Australia. It premiered at the Adelaide FF, was an official selection for the Toronto International FF, also screening at Vancouver International FF, Pusan International FF, International Film festival Mannheim- Heidelberg among others. It also won the won the Australian IF Award for Best Independent film.

Born in Tehran, Granaz’s first poems were published when she was 16 years old and she has since continued writing and publishing poetry in various magazines and anthologies, firstly in Iran and then other countries ever since. To date, her poetry is translated and published in nine languages. She has studied film in Australia, including a postgraduate degree in film editing from the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS). In between feature films, Granaz has also made several short films and documentaries.


Film Title: I wish our house had water (کاش خانه ما هم آب داشت)

Mostafa monji

Synopsis of the film (in English)

From: Afghanistan
Year: 2022
Duration: 17 minutes

Synopsis: I wish our house had water, this is the life of the cave dwellers of Bamyan. With all the problems they have, lack of water is an additional problem for them. They go for hours to find water. Recently, problems have been added for them. The problem of change and evolution in the country’s political system


Film Title: Dead End (بن بست)

Ahmad Ebrahimi

Synopsis of the film (in English)

Year: 2022

Running time: 17 min

Synopsis: Deadend is about an Afghan refugee family in Athens, Greece who are seeking asylum in Europe. But if the lie they told to the asylum office is revealed, their asylum case may be rejected and they may be deported to Afghanistan.