2nd Ghan International Film Festival of Australia (GIFFA)

GIFFA will present a festival of original and ambitious short films plus one long feature film of high artistic value.

The primary aim of FARDA (tomorrow) Association is to support the underprivileged or homeless people in Afghanistan, and in particular the children caught up in this situation. FARDA works to provide education, food and shelter for the street children and to alleviate the suffering of their destitute parents.

These children are especially prone physical and sexual abuse. We believe that our communities, people here and the general public would be willing to participate in the festival and contribute to making a real difference in the lives of these children.

GIFFA also aims to bring together people from mainstream and culturally and linguistically diverse [CALD] backgrounds to explore and address the current problems facing marginalised children and youth in Afghanistan and around the world.

GIFFA will be held from 13 to 14 October 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You can submit films in the following categories:
    1. Short documentary film
    2. Short fiction film
    3. Short animated film
  1. The duration of a registered film cannot exceed 40 minutes.
  1. Participation in GIFFA is free of charge.
  1. Commercial or training films, trailers or video clips will not be accepted for inclusion in GIFFA.
  1. All non-English films must include English subtitles.


Format of Films

  1. Films can be projected at GIFFA in the following formats:
    1. 2K
    2. Blu-ray
    3. DCP
    4. Mp4
    5. HD
    6. DVD
  1. Requests for projection in other formats must be submitted to the GIFFA Selection Committee.


Submission and Registration Process

  1. The deadline for the submission of films for GIFFA is 15 August 2017.
  2. Each entrant is obliged to send the online registration form available on the GIFFA website.
  3. Films submitted without a registration form will not be accepted.
  4. The festival does not charge a fee for submitting a film.
  5. The applicant is responsible for the cost of sending copies of the film to the GIFFA Selection Committee. Otherwise, an arrangement made.
  6. Films for GIFFA can be sent:



By sending a public or private (with or without password) link to the video (eg. Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) with unlimited access time to the following address <info@giffa.org.au>

By post:

On DVD, Blu-ray or mp4 format, the boxes, USBs and DVDs must have a clear description – the names of filmmakers, film title, duration, and the category in which the film is registered.


GIFFA Selection Committee

13 Morphett St, Adelaide SA 5000
South Australia
Australia 5000

Received or registered by15 August 2017.

  1. Selected copies will not be returned.


Selection Process

  1. The Selection Committee established by the organizer will make the selection of films submitted to GIFFA, whose decision is final.
  1. The producers or applicant will be informed about the results of qualification and will receive an official recognition certificate by email. The film and filmmaker will be listed on the Festival’s official website by 25th October 2016.
  1. The GIFFA Selection Committee is not obliged to give explanations about the selection decisions.
  1. If the selected film is to be screened on DVD GIFFA may requests a back up copy to be sent by 27 August 2017.
  1. GIFFA is not responsible for any postage or freight costs incurred by participants. Otherwise, an arrangement made.
  1. The organizers do not take responsibility for the possible loss or damage of the films, caused by third parties.

Legal and Other Requirements

  1. The film copyrights should in no way be restricted, violate any third party’s copyrights or other privileges. Should this condition not be met, the participants are obliged to attach to the Festival application a written statement explaining the legal status of his work.
  1. By submitting the film, the producer or rights holder agrees to screen it to the public free of charge, within the Festival screenings.
  1. The organizers have the right to copy the films. By submitting a film the applicants are agree allowing the organizers to screen no more than 3 minutes of the film to promote the festival via TV or through online media.
  1. The organizer has the right to use the submitted materials for the Festival’s promotional actions.  The producer agrees that information about the film will be published on the Festival’s website, in official documents and that clips from the film may be used to make promotional, audiovisual materials about the Festival.
  1. Submitting films is equivalent to the participant’s statement that he/she owns unrestricted personal and financial rights to the films and that he/she takes full responsibility for breaking those rights.
  1. In the case of any claim on the organizer by third parties, resulting from breaking the copyright or personal goods of the third parties involved in the use of the submitted materials, the participant covers the costs and pays damages connected with the claim of those people.
  1. The participant is obliged to read and be fully aware of the GIFFA Rules and regulations.