The inaugural Ghan International Film Festival Australia [GIFFA] is a 2-day film festival to be held at the Mercury Cinema, Adelaide (South Australia) from 13 to 14 October 2017. It will present a mix of short films andfeature-length, which have been filmed in Afghanistan. Eligible films can be made by Afghan and non-Afghan filmmakers but the focus will be Afghani life and especially as it is being experienced by the women and young children.



The primary aim of FARDA (tomorrow) Association is to support the underprivileged or homeless people in Afghanistan, and in particular the children caught up in this situation. FARDA works to provide education, food and shelter for the street children and to alleviate the suffering of their destitute parents.

These children are especially prone physical and sexual abuse.   We estimate that it would take only $8 or $10 a week to send these children to school and change their lives.

We believe that our communities, people here and the general public would be willing to participate in the festival and contribute to making a real difference in the lives of these children.



GIFFA will feature high-quality short films (up to 40-minutes duration) plus one feature film produced in Afghanistan. The films will be auteur and ambitious cinema, with a high artistic value, tackling independent and original themes.

The highlight will be the special screening of the Academy award nominated film …..announced soon



GIFFA will bring together people and families of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to celebrate Afghan culture, music, and cuisine. The Opening Ceremony will feature live Afghan music, cultural diversity, inviting VIP guest, publicising the program through community channels, social media and through local and international mass media.

The Festival will run over two days, with two screening sessions per day, each of one and a half hours duration. The films will be screened at the Mercury Cinema located in the Lion Arts Centre in the west end of Adelaide CBD, having a capacity of 186 seats, we expect both days of GIFFA to sell out quickly.

Sponsorship Package 2016/17/18

Sponsorship Package 2016/17/18